Affordable Housing Production and Preservation

This page includes information about affordable housing production and preservation subsidized by the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, the DC Housing Authority, and the DC Housing Finance Agency and DC's Inclusionary Zoning program. It also includes information on developments which have affordable housing units produced or preserved through DC's Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) program and the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process.

For more information on affordable housing and other real estate development projects, explore the DMPED Real Estate Project Pipeline open database and the Department of Housing and Community Development's Development Finance Division Pipeline Database. The complete set of affordable housing data underlying the graphics below is available through DC Open Data.

Affordable Housing Tracker

Updated August, 2019
Current Snapshot Since Jan. 2015
Under Construction Pipeline Delivered Started
Projects 135 81 220 290
Affordable Units 4,358 5,762 9,591 10,634
0-30% AMI 746 1,366 1,967 1,912
31-50% AMI 1,796 1,495 1,972 3,200
51-80% AMI 1,762 2,814 5,641 5,464

Affordable Housing Projects

Delivered Jan. 2015 to Date

Started Jan. 2015 to Date

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