Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development (DMPED)
Economic Intelligence Dashboard

DMPED is using economic data to drive positive change and build good government for District of Columbia residents. We focus on collecting and compiling information about our city, in particular on D.C.’s economic development priorities that create more pathways to the middle class: jobs, quality affordable housing, and community-focused development.

This site is an online version of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s weekly dashboard. This dashboard is also transmitted to the City Administrator, the Mayor, and other senior staff, so they can be aware of economic trends and context. It includes only data that is public, so certain indicators that DMPED uses are not included.

If you have any ideas, data, or interest in helping us grow our dashboard, email us here.

Quick Stats

20182012-2016 est.
July 2019July 2019
DC GDPPersonal Income
2019 Q12019 Q1

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